MediaMax infection count: 5.7 million

According to the St. Petersburg Times, the count of Sony BMG discs with the vulnerable SunnComm MediaMax DRM software is 5.7 million. But there’s no recall plan, and nowhere near the level of noise there should be to make customers aware of the problem. Good to see Sony is continuing to learn from its past mistakes.

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  1. Mike Says:

    “Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan [says] she is investigating … Sony BMG”:

  2. Mike Says:

    Here’s a very interesting Felten post. It turns out that a Sunncomm prospectus intended to sell the product is amazingly candid about the Mediamax malware. It even incautiously includes the following disgusting statement:

    “The software is designed to be completely invisible to users, programs and system components.”

    As Felten comments:

    “This is an exaggeration, but it shows that they do aspire to invisibility. Which is interesting because the only way to be “invisible to users, programs and system components” is to use rootkit methods. So it would appear that MediaMax at least planned to follow First4Internet’s lead in shipping a rootkit.”

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