Sony BMG: Thinking again about DRM

Talk about a non-statement: Thomas Hesse, of “nobody knows what a rootkit is” fame and President of Sony BMG’s Global Digital Business unit, says that the company is reconsidering how it employs DRM “because of the bad publicity” around its two badly flawed systems. But he says that the company is still committed to blocking copying of its discs because “copyright infringement is a huge issue for the record industry as a whole.”

In other words, no news here. The company still won’t acknowledge the realities of its new market, still won’t acknowledge that DRM fundamentally devalues its product in the eyes of customers in addition to exposing them to hazards (particularly when that DRM is badly written), and still won’t own up that its second DRM system is a problem.

These clowns need to really sit down and think about what they’re doing to their position with their audience.

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  1. Dave Says:

    You know, what with the announcement ( that the Music Publishers Association actually *wants to throw people in jail* for posting song lyrics on web sites, I wonder if there is any normal person left to defend the highly dysfunctional and increasingly obsolete music industry status quo.

    I mean, the best thing they have to offer fans is threats, lawsuits, and prison? For liking music? Sorry, I don’t think most people want those “products.” Expect to go out of business sooner rather than later.

    If these bozos are so concerned about their lyrics and tunes they don’t actually want anyone to have or know about them, fine. Keep ‘em. The rest of us will find other sources of entertainment. Idiots.

  2. terry Says:

    Finally the page I’ve been searching for! SONY and it’s BMG are the worst companies ever. They have totally missed the bus ! I own a record of them I can”t play on any of my CD players, not even to mention copying it to my harddisk in which I keep a library of over 900 records I own. In AIFF format !! Got a lady of BMG on the phone recently telling me that perhaps then I should get me another CD player. YEEESSS! Why not send me a Sony catalogue immediately. And to the question how even then I was supposed to copy that CD for my own purpose, she told me: you can always copy it to tape! YYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS, hello? are you awake!

    Sony and BMG, congratulations! That’s what I call customer focus !! I’m a marketing teacher myself, so that’s obviously the DON’T example I always teach my students. Now as for the rest, I give MY money to companies who don’t treat their customers like stealing idiots! Fortunately there are plenty of them out there. And fortunately all the Sony products I owned broke down because of their poor building quality, so I could replace them with far better stuff. Bye, bye Sony and BMG.

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