Sony BMG: Thinking again about DRM

Talk about a non-statement: Thomas Hesse, of “nobody knows what a rootkit is” fame and President of Sony BMG’s Global Digital Business unit, says that the company is reconsidering how it employs DRM “because of the bad publicity” around its two badly flawed systems. But he says that the company is still committed to blocking copying of its discs because “copyright infringement is a huge issue for the record industry as a whole.”

In other words, no news here. The company still won’t acknowledge the realities of its new market, still won’t acknowledge that DRM fundamentally devalues its product in the eyes of customers in addition to exposing them to hazards (particularly when that DRM is badly written), and still won’t own up that its second DRM system is a problem.

These clowns need to really sit down and think about what they’re doing to their position with their audience.

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