No Xmas for Sony

Check out this nifty “no Xmas for Sony” badge, via BoingBoing. If you use it, please link to this blog. I don’t know why Cory Doctorow doesn’t know that exists, but a general info blog like this seems a better thing to bring the general public to than Mark Russinovich’s post.

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  1. Slipgrid Says:

    Boycott Sony this Holiday Season

    This holiday season, think about the companies you are buying your gifts from. If the companies you are considering buying from believe it’s their right to hack your computer, then don’t buy from them. This year, boycott Sony.
    Boycott S…

  2. Dave Says:

    Love The Onion’s latest jab at the RIAA:

    RIAA Bans Telling Friends About Songs

  3. Steev Says:

    Judging from the reviews “that CD” has garned on Amazon (
    they won’t have a Christmas at all!

  4. Steev Says:

    Pledge bank also have an idea on the same theme,

  5. Damian Says:

    Just Googling Sony in the news and turned up this:

    A protest in New York - text and pictures:

    “Much like the first protest, the reception from pedestrians was overwhelmingly positive. It’s not often people accept flyers from protesters in New York, but this was a message that applied especially well to those about to enter Tower Records. Shouting “The record industry hates you!” drew not only laughter from those passing by, but also drew attention to the issue.”

    Apparently, Richard Stallman turned up to lend support.

  6. Ken Nelson Says:

    Thanks, Tim! My style sheet fights with my graphics placement, but the sentiment is still sincere:

    The graphic is duly linked back to here, btw..

  7. Jiri Baum Says:

    I’ve rearranged the badge to 125×125 format to fit into my layout; perhaps others will also find it useful?×125.gif

    Hopefully the original author won’t mind…

  8. Kenneth Says:

    They FOOL!
    BecoZ they cannot block the passive way
    Let’s use our CD players to connect our computer and record them ,Share them and enjoy them
    (You need to use short singal lines for quality )
    the protection is only to protect the copyrighted discs for 3 hours after release!

  9. Damian Says:

    Of course, Sony is used to breaching people’s privacy with what we musn’t (oh, no, no) call spyware.

    According to Wired News, Gator (now called Claria) one of the most reviled companies on the Net “serves ads for names like JPMorgan Chase … [ahem] Sony [cough] … and Yahoo!”

  10. Gisela Says:

    Re: the size change - it’s fine.

    (and if i had this link at the time, it would have pointed here - I was looking for something in plain English for the non-technical.)

  11. Tim Jarrett Says:

    Cheers, Gisela, and no worries. Great badge no matter what shape or where it’s pointing–the thought is what’s important.

  12. Hugo Says:

    I wont buy sony products, I am tired of all the crap sony wants us to tolerate. Sony adapt to the new times, stop using lock in strategies in your products it is the main reason I avoid them. Why would I want to buy a prodiuct that is defective or makes harm to my equipment in my sane judgemnet. It is stupid to infuriate the people that buy your products.

  13. :: plasticdreams :: Says:

    No Xmas for Sony

  14. Gisela Says:

    Hey! I don’t actually want you to post this - I am just trying to get your attention. Tomorrow morning a reporter (Canadian) wants to interview me about online protests and boycotts in general.

    He wants a few other names of people he can contact related both to the sony issue and boycotts in general.

    Would you be interested, and if so, send me some contact info so I can get it to him. Mail me at not the gmail account, please.


  15. Gisela Says:

    Well, that was smooth. I seem to have thought this had moderation on.


  16. Allan Says:

    Does anybody have a 2006 version of this one? I figure about 10 years boycott is about appropriate for what they did.

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