Sony BMG announces Canadian mail-in recall

CBC: Snail mail fix to Sony’s XCP problem. The Canadian recall is announced, finally; presumably recalls in other markets will follow. From the article:

Under the mail-in program, consumers will get a replacement CD thatdoesn’t have the XCP software and an MP3 file of that CD. Sony says itwill handle all mailing costs.

The only access to the exchange program appears to be through Sony’s website.

One wonders what took them so long. This isn’t rocket science.

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  1. David Fedoruk Says:

    One retailer I spoke to here in Vancouver, a&b Sound said that they would excahnge any of the CD’s returned by customers. That recall was made Monday morning and staff were busy pulling stock from the shelves.

    I will make one observation here, the titles listed are Sony/BMG’s new release catalogue for this fall and holliday season. Effectively Sony/BMG has lost a whole Christmas sales period. In retail, Christmas sales are a enourmous portion of the years total sales. For Sony/BMG to loose all of those sales will affect them financially. Stockholders should be asking quesitons about this debacle. If I owned shares in Sony/BMG I would get rid of them ASAP.

  2. Golem Says:

    Canadians have the right to copy a CD because we pay a federal government required levy on every blank CD sold in Canada. The Canaian Recording Industry Ass-ociation gave up their copyright for the right to collect that levy. Sony and other companies contravened the Canadian Copyright Act by putting DRM on their music CD product. Why aren’t they charged with contravening the Canadian Copyright Act as they would like to do to Canadian consumers who copy CDs. How about a Canadian class-action suit?????

  3. Saskboy Says:

    Golem check out for class action information.

    I’m with you on the Copyright Act breach, but the problem is the CRIA is in the process of convincing Heritage Canada to recommend to the next Canadian government to reintroduce Bill C-60 Copyright Act amendments, which will open the door for RIAA style schock and awe lawsuits on innocent Canadians. It will also have us paying more for our Internet so the police or CRIA can get our names and address from our Internet address.

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