Artists outraged

Rolling Stone: Sony XCP Bomb Sparks Rage. Good review of the perspective of the artists affected by the fiasco, including quotes from Trey Anastasio and the manager of the Bad Plus. This is where the impact to Sony’s pocket starts; unless there are a lot more people boycotting Sony than there are signing the petition, it’s the withdrawal of the XCP CDs from the market that will have the biggest economic impact in the short term.

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  1. /// CityOfRain /// Says:

    Sony Sucks

    OK, it’s about time I tell everyone out loud. Sony sucks. Don’t take my word for it! Read an excellent round-up by BusinessWeek:

    “This was really bad,” says John …

  2. sonyhata Says:

    Small correction: Trey Anastasio’s manager, not himself.

    But I’m sure he, and other artists affected, would have some choice words for Sony, too, and probably not so polite.

  3. Jey Says:

    Sony may have made a mistake but that does not mean that the businesses and artists around the world (Sony is still a large corporation) should be affected by that.

    Let us give a chance to fix up the issues at once.

  4. cousinkix Says:

    I’ll believe that artists are outraged; when they file a breach of contract lawsuit against SONY/BMG! Do musicians even consider that this record company, sells blank disks and millions of CD burners, to anybody who wants them? Why buy the new albums from these (COLUMBIA) artists; when these corporate criminals provide us with the means and an opportunity to make pirated copies in minutes? Undercutting the sales of your own legitimate music releases isn’t right and neither is ripping-off your competitors!

    These DRM anti-piracy schemes are just a smokescreen to cover their own butts! SONY’s concerns about piracy are phony as a 3 dollar bill. A bunch of damned fools worry about kids downloading inferrior MP-3 files, instead of cleaning their own house.

    We can also buy DVD burners, from the owner of a big movie studio. Is HOLLYWOOD brain dead too?

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