Russinovich to join New York lawsuit against Sony BMG

According to Security Fix, Mark Russinovich, whose blog post started the storm over Sony BMG’s rootkit DRM, will be joining the legal team for the New York class action suit. Though the attorneys aren’t commenting on Mark’s role, he’s said on his own blog that he’ll be “serving as an expert” for the legal team.

In somewhat related news, Mark has blogged that he’s “wondering if I jumped the gun” in declaring victory in the rootkit case. He’s specifically concerned about the same retail channel management issues I raised following Eliot Spitzer’s warning: to wit, infected discs are still out there and finding their way into the hands of customers. Not only that, but there is no evidence that they are producing a secure, safe XCP uninstaller despite their promise to do so.

My $0.02: the boycott isn’t over until Sony gets the corrupted product out of the channel, swears off DRM on audio CDs, and stops treating its customers like criminals.

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