Security through obscurity: First4Internet’s website offline

Boing Boing: Rootkit arms-dealer takes website down. Remember that great website that the makers of XCP used to have that showed all the information about their product, including all those wonderful braggy press releases? All gone. In fact, no mention of XCP at all on the revised site, just contact information.

Hmm. Does this mean there was a smoking gun that we missed? That the company had to shut down? Or is there a simpler explanation?

Update 11/30: Thanks to reader Tom Buckley for pointing out that the general site on XCP,, is still alive and well. Including a severely selective press gallery.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    One of the main things on the site I would believe was the address’s of the 6 manufacturing plants around the world that had the XCP technology available and ready for ‘customers’ to have burned onto ‘Media Discs’.
    US, UK, Germany, Japan & Australia are where they were from memory.
    What would it take to make the production houses disclose ALL of the CD’s that this was burned to.

  2. Mike Says:

    Unfortunately, Google’s got nothing cached.

    Nothing recent here either:*hh_/

    I wonder what was there. If they’ve got nothing to hide …

  3. Steve U.K. Says:

    At the moment I’m avidly searching market stalls a ‘backstreet’ music shops for a Sony disc that says ‘XCP’ because they will become a collectors item & if ‘captured’ in the U.K. probably more so!…It saddens me that more news hasn’t been made more widely available to the general public, but with the awesome financial might of such a company, are we surprised?…Everyone in the media environment uses Sony gear & ‘preferred customers’ always get the best deals if they don’t rock the boat too much!!!

  4. Suman Sinha Says:

    I wanted to sign your petition. But it doesn’t seem to be working.

  5. Tom Buckley Says:

    Most of this site is still up at, which is where you were directed to from the main page anyway.

  6. Tim Jarrett Says:

    Aha. Good call, Tom. I will amend the original post…

  7. Robert McGregor Says:

    I can’t believe that so little is being done to get at first 4 internet. they have actually broken a criminal law in the UK by preparing a tool that causes unauthorised changes to a PC. There are specific laws that make this a criminal offence and yet absolutely naff all is being done. But the small time kids that make silly viruses are being taken down and given longer sentences than rapists. It’s all a bit arse about face for me.

    Signed the petition and will NEVER buy Sony again. What’s the point when they get away with it…

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