Parody: I ♥ Rootkit

Are you thrilled to pieces with what Sony BMG has done to your computer? Do you like the thought of shredding your installed device drivers with uninstallable DRM that hides itself from you when you pop that Neil Diamond disc in your Windows XP box? Do you, for one, welcome your new corporate overlords? Well, DO you, binky???

Well, the fine folks at Firewheel Design have just the tshirt for you!!! Check it out and pre-order it today.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with and receive no considerations, monetary or otherwise, from Firewheel Design. Hell, they haven’t even linked me. But I do like that t-shirt.

Double disclaimer for the humor impaired: we call this irony. It’s the same concept that leads college educated twentysomethings to wear trucker hats and drink PBR.

One Response to “Parody: I ♥ Rootkit”

  1. Mike Says:

    Schneier: ” Here’s a great idea; Sony can use a feature of the rootkit to inform infected users that they’re infected. … This is so obviously the right thing to do. My guess is that it’ll never happen.”

    Here’s where the suggestion comes from: