…And then there were four: EFF sues Sony BMG

It’s been expected for a while, and now it’s official: according to SecurityFix, which updated its post from this morning about the Texas lawsuit, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has brought suit against Sony BMG. This suit has been widely anticipated following the EFF’s open letter to Sony BMG last week regarding their XCP and SunnComm Media Max DRM schemes.

You can read more about the EFF lawsuit on their site; the brief should be posted later today.

3 Responses to “…And then there were four: EFF sues Sony BMG”

  1. Denze Says:

    When Canada is going to do a law suit too ? In Canada, you can even copy your friend’s music CD for YOUR OWN use. There is no limit on the number of copies you can make as long it’s for you own use. What Sony did prevents you for doing as many copies as you would like, it’s breaks the levy. Also all the damages to personnal computers and the waste of time people are having with it should be compensed in some way.

  2. Innocent Bystander Says:

    Hopefully they’ll sue them for the GPL-Violations, too.

  3. Dennis M. Yates Says:

    I want them to be arrested for computer terrorism. In essence, that’s what they did.

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