Parody: digital camera rootkits

Via a reader, New Sony Digital Camera Installs Rootkit to Stop Photo Sharing. “‘People are sharing pictures all over the Internet without regard to copyright and trademarks. Just the other day I saw a Halloween photo of a kid dressed up like Yoda. Don’t they know that Yoda’s image is wholly owned by Lucasarts? That behavior needs to be stopped,’ said Sony Vice president of Copyright Protection Clay Wilkerson.” It would be funny if it weren’t so close to the truth…

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  1. Lemuel Says:

    Clay Wilkerson kiss my ass!!!you would’nt make a pimple on a real vice presidents Ass.the behavior that needs to be stopped is what your doing behind closed doors with the Women of Sony Corporation,and also with all the kickbacks and money Laundering you are doing.this is Sonys money along with stockholders and you will be caught and brought to Justice you Prick.

  2. A Big F'N Hero Says:

    First off, the halloween costume was made by lucas arts, which made the star wars movies, and for them to make a costume like that is in all honestly knowing that there is gonna be pictures taken of the costume and, buying the costume, at probally a pretty penny you should get the rights to photograph your children in such a costume, this is going too far by banning the sharing of the pictures, what if the grandmother of said child wanted to see the picture but lived in a different province or even country, what happens then, people like you make me sick, and you should not be working in this buisness, you should be holed up in an insane asylum for even thinking the way you do

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If this is true which I must admit I am cery sceptical about.

    This will be the end of Sony as an orginisation

  4. Rad Says:

    I think you’re going to have to write ‘Parody’ in caps from now on.
    Might be an idea to include a link to the dictionary definition too. ;)

  5. Tim Jarrett Says:

    Oh my. And here I thought putting this in the “Humor” category was a sufficient tip-off…

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