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Thanks to anyone who’s visiting from the site as a result of my live interview with John Gormley, currently going on. A few quick pointers–check out the Things You Can Do list, the list from Sony BMG of affected titles, and sign the Boycott Sony petition.

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  1. benK Says:


    I am listening to the broadcast via the internet from Ottawa, having been pointed there from a posting on Slashdot.

    Just wanted to say that you seem to be quite informed, and able to articulate correctly the issues at hand to a non-technical audience, while keeping the thrust but not diluting things or over-simplifying into FUD. Good work.


  2. Saskboy Says:

    Hi Ben,
    I was the one who posted the link to CJME from Slashdot. It was fortuitous that /. had a story about the RIAA and Sony just as the radio show was starting to come on.

    For those that missed the first broadcast, you can hear it again late at night, about midnight CST, the programming schedule is on ckom.com or cjme.com.

    I’d like to also say that Tim did a great job on the radio. An additional point to make if you do other shows Tim, is that Sony ended up infringing on copyright to write their DRM spyware rootkit. I liked the timeline you gave, it sumed this fiasco up well.

    AKA Saskboy

  3. Damian Says:

    I predict Sony will be the butt of some very funny jokes for a long time to come.

    I thought this was spoof was very funny indeed:

    New Sony Digital Camera Installs Rootkit to Stop Photo Sharing

    “People are sharing pictures all over the Internet without regard to copyright and trademarks. Just the other day I saw a Halloween photo of a kid dressed up like Yoda. Don’t they know that Yoda’s image is wholly owned by Lucasarts? That behavior needs to be stopped.”


  4. Robin Says:

    The spoofs would be funny if they weren’t so close to the truth. Way back in 99 or so there was a very nice website full of midi music that you could download. All kinds of stuff. Along comes RIAA —- and one day the FBI swoops in and hauls the lady’s computers away. Seems that somebody somewhere “owns” the copyright to just about everything, including tunes a century old. When the site came back online almost nothing was left other than the various national anthems. RIAA’s comment at the time: “If you’re walking down the street whistling a tune and we own the copyright, you’re going to pay us royalties.” HMMMMMM

  5. Bob Woolard Says:

    When I go to sign the petition my browser shuts down automatically.

  6. Tim Jarrett Says:


    I’m sorry to hear you’re having that problem. The petition is not a page on my site, so I’m not sure why this is happening to you. What browser are you using?

    Other folks–anyone else having problems with the petition?

  7. Glyn Hotz Says:

    I’m a lawyer preparing a case here in Canada on this debacle and did radio interviews after issuing the Seven Oaks class action. I agree these give the issue a certain liveliness where you can also really very quickly give the basis of the case. I missed this CKOM one though. Anywhere I can give it a listen?

  8. Tim Jarrett Says:

    To the best of my knowledge, it’s not available on line. The show doesn’t have a website. If some kind listener recorded it and wants to make it available let me know.

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