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Apparently a lot of folks in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CA have been up in arms about the Sony DRM mess, and the issue has been taken up on local talk radio. So I’ll be on a show called John Gormley Live on 650 AM CKOM at 10 am Saskatoon time (11 am Eastern) to talk about the brouhaha, the boycott, this blog, and anything else that callers ask. The call-in number is 1-877-332-8255.

The station apparently does a live stream (if you have trouble with that link, click on Listen Live in the left nav of the main page), though it appears to require Windows Media Player. I don’t know if the show will be recorded; I’ll follow up with a pointer if I get one.

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  1. Mike Says:

    Have you seen the attempted whitewash by Cary Sherman?

    Here’s what he says:

    “The problem with the SonyBMG situation is that the technology they used contained a security vulnerability of which they were unaware. They have apologized for their mistake, ceased manufacture of CDs with that technology,and pulled CDs with that technology from store shelves. Seems very responsible to me. How many times that software applications created the same problem? Lots. I wonder whether they’ve taken as aggressive steps as SonyBMG has when those vulnerabilities were discovered, or did they just post a patch on the Internet?”

    What he doesn’t mention is that Sony initially responded with hostility, only apologized reluctantly - if they can even be said to have done so now - and only did so after the situation earned them too much bad publicity. Both Sony and First 4 also told numerous lies along the way.

    Furthermore, Sony were evasive and dishonest over *which* titles were affected. They originally said 20, but refused to reveal which - they have only now agreed it is 52 and only now given the names.

    It is appalling that this man should compare the rootkit to software from reputable vendors. Anyone who invites people to install software has a *responsibility* not to introduce vulnerabilities - it’s not enough to claim ignorance - although plenty of ignorance and incompetence about Windows internals has been demonstarted by Sony and its subcontractors.

    Furthermore, this software was deliberately hidden - not only from the user, but even from the operating system itself. It phones home (something Sony originally denied). It renders systems unstable, results in BSODs, and will cause the Vista beta to become unbootable. It’s difficult to remove and can cause damage on removal. The vendor has been reluctant, evasive, and obstructive about uninstall proceedures. The software is in violation of copyright because it uses stolen LAME code. It also introduces security vulnerabilities from third-parties. The EULA gives Sony the right to actually install a backdoor … shall I go on? …

    And this man thinks to whitewash it, and no one will notice. It tells us something about the RIAA.

    I’m not sure he even understands the basic fact that the really third-party vendors have no business patching the kernel. Stay out the kernel. Here it is in plain form as a sign in English and Japanese (can we translate to German for Herr Hesse, too?)

    “Prohibition against penetration” (Engrish of the Day …. November 21, 2005)

  2. Saskboy Says:

    I was one of the CKOM / CJME radio listeners [I live in Yorkton outside of Saskatoon SK] who emailed John Gormley your website. I’m listening to you on the radio right now, and I’ve linked your blog from mine, about two weeks ago. Keep up the good fight.

    AKA Saskboy

  3. furious Says:

    You rock. I’m listening now through the internet, and you are so impressively articulate about these things.

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