Sunncomm uninstaller vulnerabilities

In the “you have to be kidding” department: Freedom to Tinker reports that the uninstaller for Sony’s other DRM scheme, MediaMax from Sony, also compromises the security of the user’s system. The authors also post a detector to see if the control is on your system and a tool that both cures the infection and inoculates against the possibility of future installation.

Thanks to Damian for the link.

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  1. Matt Chroust Says:

    I pulled my Sony product forum.

    As the webmaster of a site dedicated to the Playstation Portable, I find Sony’s behavior reprehensible. I have closed the site until Sony issues a public apology and offers software to completely remove its DRM. You can read the open letter to Sony at


  2. Mike Says:

    I’m amused to see that this search has now broken the eight-figure barrier in Google:

    Results 1 - 10 of about 10,900,000 for sony rootkit. (0.04 seconds)

  3. lefty Says:

    Just unbelievable! How can another company release almost exactly the same vulnerability into the wild after the first vulnerability has already been disclosed?

    Either (Sunncomm = First 4 Internet) ~ Sony
    OR Sony refuses to release a patch without additional DRM or intrusions to privacy and has pressured both companies to only distribute a patch if those infected by the malware “phone home” to the drm company, thus leading to this mess.

    Either way, the way this has been handled is criminally stupid, as well as (should be) criminally liable

  4. Craig Hartel Says:

    Note that the detector will ONLY work using Internet Explorer. Ugh.

  5. Daniel Ward Says:

    So what do those of us who got tired of IE’s vulnerabilities do, install IE to see if we are compromised by MediaMax?

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