SonySuit tracks lawsuit proceedings

I’m pleased to report that has posted a detailed summary of the various class action proceedings against Sony BMG—there are now enough that it’s hard to keep track. It’s a useful and clean resource that should be very useful as additional lawsuits pile on are filed.

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  1. » Sony’s Living Hell: Day 9 Update Says:

    […] Problem over? Hardly, it’s only the beginning: - Earlier this week, in a stunning humiliation, Microsoft announced that it would treat Sony’s The XCP rootkit program as malware. - An attempt by Sony to create an uninstalling fix only made things worse. - Lawsuits started, with a web site devoted to the effort (HT: Boycott Sony Blog, which actually started when the rootkit was released, and before the computer vulnerabilities were discovered). […]

  2. Denze Says:

    I would like to see a criminal investigation over this and see one of these Big brothers go to jail for once. Why it is a crime for you but not for them ? Injustice.

  3. Roly Roper Says:

    Sony XCP software and Australian Law

    Release: Sat 19th Nov 2005

    A new Internet Blog asserts that Sony BMG has seriously broken Australian law.

    So called DRM or “anti-piracy” software bundled with Sony BMG music CD’s since mid year has become one of the most serious virus infections ever.

    Despite Sony’s public assurances CD’s containing the malware are still on sale in Australian music shops.

    For the full story please visit:

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