The rest of the press catches up

When my hometown newspaper, the Daily Press of Hampton Roads, VA, publishes a story on a technology topic, you know the topic has gone mainstream. When they published a story today on Sony’s DRM called What in the world was Sony thinking?, they confirmed that Sony’s attempts to control the reaction to this story have absolutely failed.

Nice piece today in the New York Times, too—even if they came late to the party and only added quotes from Van Zant to what we already knew about the story. I think it’s only the second piece they’ve run, and the first that wasn’t in the Circuits column.

USA Today even joins in with a note about student protests against Sony at NYU, spearheaded by Free Culture @ NYU, who have also been doing a great job of covering the issues around this and other DRM related stories.

Finally, TechNewsWorld columnist Rob Enderle saysThere is no better way toshowcase your dissatisfaction with this behavior than by simply notbuying Sony. Given that a large number of media companies appear to beconsidering similar behavior, this would remind these companies thatmessing with consumers in this way is something they should avoid likethe plague.”

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  1. Mulsanne Says:

    Still haven’t seen much mention in the press that this recent move by Sony is clearly aimed at hurting Apple iPod sales rather than any serious attempt to thwart priacy.

    We really are starting see a pattern of dishonorable conduct with Sony. A couple of months ago they agreed to pay $10.5 million for payola and last summer they admited to creating ficitional critics to have flattering reviews for their sucky movies.

    I am sure Mr. Sony would not approve of such shenanigans as they bring great dishonor upon the company. If he were alive today, he would probably be saying “Let me out of this box!!” (although it would probably be in Japanese)

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