Fallout continues: companies consider restricting office CD use

As if the evidence that Sony’s DRM had backfired isn’t clear enough, a story comes in today via ZDNet and CNET that some companies are now rethinking allowing any CDs in the workplace at all, owing to the concerns about possible security vulnerabilities.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I give you DRM, the amazing market shrinker. By making the product less attractive and reducing the number of devices on which the product successfully runs, as well as creating organizational barriers to allowing our products to be used…

…er, profit?

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  1. Steve U.K. Says:

    I wonder if in the Sony executive collective mind the realization that this was a really big mistake is beginning to settle in & also wonder if others in the entertainment industry are taking very careful note of all this…I hope so!…I’ve nothing against ‘piracy’ of anyone’s work being punished under the law but to view & punish everyone by assuming they’re a ‘pirate’ at the point of sale of your wares is simply unacceptable & although as yet unaffected by this by living in the U.K. I am annoyed that this is now how the corporate mind now view ‘we the public’…I’ve loved telling people about this for the last week or so & every time I do they are as outraged as me on the issue…Sony have certainly tainted their reputation with this action!…It requires a top level apology to rebuild some trust & fix it too!

  2. Sony DVD drivers ok? Says:

    I got an internal DVD RW drive, made by Sony. I got it before we found out about their rootkit adventure. Are its drivers safe? Would I need to return it for a Philips one instead, to comply with MIS rules about hacking kits?

    What about the Sony-branded laptops? Has the OS on them been compromised with Sony drivers?

  3. alterself Says:

    where i work (at a hospital) are planning on banning audio cd’s, JUST for this reason.

    on a side note, i have hated sony devices since my vaio laptop died a MONTH after the 12 month warranty. I dont mind the burners tho…they seem to work ok.

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