Time limited CDs (a modest proposal?)

Postcards from the Pug Bus: Newest Sony software will limit CD plays. Read with your humor hat on. Had me going until this quote:

“We do not anticipate the one-hundred-play limit will be aninconvenience to most customers,” McKee continued. “As music piratescorrectly argue, the majority of CDs contain only five or sixlistenable cuts anyway, so the likelihood of playing a CD one hundredtimes is slim.”


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  1. Giorgio Zarrelli Says:

    On my blog I made some mathematical thoughts on the price of the new CD’S. It’s just humor…but…

    “Ciufoli” means…nothing of nothing


  2. g00ber Says:

    One word.. DIVX


    Im not sure this is a joke or not but if it isnt i would explain to why sony is nolonger regarded as the best in any of its fields of participation. If and when they decide to implement this stupid proffit decreasing idea i realy hope they clearly mark their products so i dont make the mistake and buy one. If your not happy with something (and if this is going to happen im sure i wont be) just dont buy it they will soon understand the error of their ways.

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