Sony’s other DRM scheme: MediaMax by Sunncomm

Sony may have withdrawn its XCP protected CDs from the market—temporarily—but there’s still plenty of work to be done if we are to achieve our goal of being treated like the music lovers we are rather than the criminals that Sony’s DRM assumes us to be.

For starters, there’s Sony’s other DRM. Remember, the XCP protected discs were deployed by Sony BMG—the joint venture formed when Sony purchased a stake in Bertelsmann Music Group. So much of the brouhaha has actually been around labels that BMG brought to the party. But Sony has its own set of labels, including big ones like Columbia and Epic, as well as smaller labels distributed through Sony like ATO (home of My Morning Jacket and Mike Doughty). And those releases have a different DRM scheme—the Sunncomm scheme I wrote about a few days ago.

And Sunncomm’s MediaMax software has its own problems, as Alex Halderman writes on the Freedom to Tinker blog—namely spyware-like behavior including

…install[ing] software without meaningful consent or notification, they include either no means of uninstalling the software or an uninstaller that claims to remove the entire program but doesn’t, and they transmit information about user activities to SunnComm despite statements to the contrary in the end user license agreement and on SunnComm’s web site.

Read the full post. If you thought XCP was bad, MediaMax sounds even worse. And it’s still on the market.

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  1. The Sony Boycott Blog » Blog Archive » Wired joins the bandwagon Says:

    […] Not unrealistic at all, Dan, judging from the activity in the comments of this site and the number of signatures on the petition. And the article hits many of the right points, including the EULA and Microsoft’s recent decision to start uncloaking the software via its antispyware too. But one important point XCP isn’t Sony’s only DRM scheme. The MediaMax scheme from SunComm is guilty of all of the same violations of customer computers except for the cloaking, and it’s still on the market. In fact, it’s also on one of the CDs that Dan highlighted in his column’s sidebar, My Morning Jacket’s Z. I think Dan does his readers a disservice by inveighing against XCP while recommending a CD with a similarly virulent DRM technology and not mentioning the DRM. […]

  2. Jared Christensen Says:

    SunnComm’s MediaMax is also prohibitive to a fault. I am unable to make a backup copy of my CD or make my music portable via mp3s. I hate SunnComm. We need to get Sony to take this garbage off the market, too.

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