Symantec: XCP removal tool

Sony BMG’s decision to pull their DRM from the market—temporarily—doesn’t help those folks who already loaded the rootkit on their PCs. If you’re already infected by the Sony BMG/First4Internet rootkit, try this removal tool from Symantec.

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  1. JT Says:

    Thanks for the app link. Do you know of a list of Sony subsidiaries, record labels and/or artists? Might as well make sure we hit them on all fronts.

  2. JT Says:

    here are some I found:

    Sony Pictures Entertainment, including:
    Columbia Pictures
    TriStar Pictures
    Mandalay Entertainment (partial interest)
    Phoenix Pictures (partial interest)
    Sony Pictures Classics
    Sony Pictures Entertainment
    Sony Pictures Television
    Columbia-Tri Star Home Video
    Triumph Films
    United Artists
    Screen Gems
    Polygram Entertainment
    Music business
    Sony/ATV Music Publishing
    Sony BMG Music Entertainment
    Columbia Records - popular music
    Epic Records - popular music
    Legacy Recordings - rare and collectible in many genres
    Sony Classical - classical music
    Sony Nashville - country music
    Sony Wonder - children’s and family entertainment
    Video and online games
    Sony Computer Entertainment - PlayStation, PlayStation Portable
    Sony Online Entertainment - Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies

  3. furious Says:

    You might be interested to know that the Clemson University IT people have asked that people not play Sony CDs on Clemson computers.

  4. furious Says:

    I tried to embed the link in that last post, but I am not sure that it worked. Here it is:

  5. vachon Says:


    TY for the list. Consider it printed and folded in my wallet for the next time I go CD shopping.

  6. yNos Says:

    Add Arista Records LLC to that list

  7. m Says:

    My cd drive has been disabled by this thing. I buy muzak and rip it into my computer, make one copy for myself and put the original away. I also routinely scrub my DAT files and now my CD drive has been disabled. Thank you for the list of Sony subsidiaries. I own a Sony camera and immediately discovered that to expand the memory, you had to buy a Sony memory stick because the industry-standard sticks don’t fit. That’s the last Sony product I’ll ever buy.

  8. stevenwithavee Says:

    Both, my CD drive and DVD combo drive have been disabled by this evil attempt to control my computer and I have yet to find a way (sans reinstalling the OS) to restore them. I use to buy only sony electronics but I will never, ever, again.

  9. uplinktruck Says:

    The Symantec tool only plugs the security hole. It does not remove the DRM portion of the program

  10. PJ Says: is now advertising movies.

    Do you have a list of Sony domains I can automatically block through AdSense?

  11. Tim Jarrett Says:

    Alas, PJ, I don’t. I’ll blog about this and see if the Lazyweb turns anything up.

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