Sony BMG DRM to come to Europe

So far Sony’s XCP DRM has not been in the European market; according to German news site DW World, that’s about to change. Learning nothing from their current brouhaha, Sony BMG says they will introduce the software next year because “the company wants to ‘regulate copying for personal use and at the sametime, allow the buyer to possibility to copy.’” Sony BMG’s Europe director, Maarten Steinkamp, says that the company will evaluate other copy protection systems as well as XCP and that “clearly, we will only use technology in Europe that is secure for the consumer as well as error-free” (emphasis added).

It would have been nice if they had thought about that before rolling it out in the US.

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  1. Kirk Gabor Says:

    I won’t buy any sony products until they assure their customers that there will be notification of any intrusive software/hardware pre-installed (then I won’t buy a product that has it). There are a couple of rumors on the net of measures to stop the resale of used games on the upcoming PS3 by linking games to the machine it is first played on. Too bad, I was really looking forward to trying it out. They can shove it now.

    It’s about time consumers started to fight back. Don’t just boycott the CD’s, boycott all sony products.

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