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Courtesy MRKisThatKid, another boycott badge for your blog:

boycott sony

MRK also makes some good points in a post about Sony’s products:

I think I might boycott Sony over the whole rootkit thing, well I wouldn’t exactly be missing out on much would I? Sony used to make all the coolest stuff but that seems like such a long time ago now. IMO There were 2 key area’s where Sony excelled, the first were walkmans, it simply had to be Sony. I was even rather fond of Minidisc, which were a lot more popular in europe than in america for some reason. But stupidly sony has lost virtually the entire walkman business to Apple, not only because the iPod is so great but because they crippled their own dap’s with DRM and no MP3 support.

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  1. Eric Says:

    Has anybody else been wondering if Sony could also have DRM-type code hidden deep inside their Sony laptop and desktop PCs.

    As a PC manufacturer, they are in a position to hide a backdoor inside their BIOS or other onboard chip.

  2. Gene Says:

    And here is another sony boycot button for blogs…

  3. Tom Says:

    Eric i would believe that. My mom bought herself a Vaio desktop, i don’t like it that much though. I’m not defending sony’s actions here, but they still make some good stuff. I have never owned a better pair of headphones in my life, and they were cheap too, even at the sony store. I wonder if their DRM cds even play on non windows computers….

  4. GED Says:

    ive recently bought a mini disc(my 2nd)from sony,net md,they sell it with pc software included which you are obliged to use(it has usb2)if you want to use the specifications of the hardware upload equivalent to mp3(antrac or something)i mainly bought my md because i record almost anything source ie.background sounds(not music and not samples from)etc for my own productions,but to no avail when ive recorded something i cannot transfer this from my md to my pc via usb&this software,i get all kinds of warnings of which non are understandable to me(im not a thicko)even my friend whos very apt in computer tech was bluffed,anyhow this software has some kind of
    spying technology because you can copy music from cd to md,only this you are allowed to do once,try it again with the same cd and youre stuck!!!i bought my md on a promise with this usb in/out that i would have
    more versatility but incredible i think although all these supposed extras, it works out to be less usefull because the main thing what motivated me to buy it dosent function,the software really sucks,is definately based around this playlist thing,but i reckoned if i can upload to md then i can go visa versa………no way jose,ive bought too much sony equipment in my life,but i think now theyll have to try harder to get a cent from me in other words RIP

  5. roland Says:

    Those backdoors in bios you speak of are present in many computers not jsut a sony vaio.

  6. Grumpy_Penguin Says:

    Yes they will play under Linux..but I’m still not gonna buy *any* Sony products..[sorry nephew no PSP for you how about a real computer instead?]

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