Mac vulnerabilities to DRM

Looks like XCP isn’t the only DRM to worry about, and Mac users aren’t immune after all. According to Macintouch, the latest versions of the Sunncomm DRM used on other Sony BMG releases installs one or more kernel extensions under Mac OS X. It does require user intervention, though, since there is no default autorun capability under Mac OS X (does it even exist? My Mac isn’t in front of me so I can’t check).

As a general rule, I would encourage users not to launch executables found on enhanced music CDs–or at least to exercise extreme caution when doing so.

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  1. » Piracy Prevention Turns into PR Nightmare Says:

    […] The blog also notes potential vulnerability for Mac users when companies like Sony attempt to use invasive technology, since in the Mac’s case “the latest versions of the Suncomm DRM used on other Sony BMG releases installs one or more kernel extensions under Mac OS X.” My message as a Mac user: “Nobody messes with my kernel.” […]

  2. Ben Fowler Says:

    Does this software or code actually exist? I have no plans to spend money on the kind of
    rubbish that that this kind of rubbish associates with, so I many never find out. I suspect
    that this is a red herring to stop people passing on this message,

    Sony tells us why Macs are better than PCs:

    “And so sayeth Steve the Great One, he spreadeth the word of how good is the Mac
    and how pants windows musteth be. And verily it came to pass that Windows users
    were cast into the darkness of DRM hell and the Mac faithful were all given
    unscratched Nanos and subscriptions to MacUuser of surpassing great length.”

    Even if it exists, the most it can do it put a up dialogue box asking for Administration
    rights, and since these requests are very rare in the Mac world, you are not going
    to find many people are taken in.

    If you want to read about just how bad an idea this is in plain terms, see

    Having said that, Macromedia does install a suid ‘licence manager’ with Dreamweaver
    and Fireworks, thus crossing thmesleves off the list of companies I am prepared to
    do business with!

  3. The Sony Boycott Blog » Blog Archive » Sony’s other DRM scheme: MediaMax by Sunncomm Says:

    […] For starters, there’s Sony’s other DRM. Remember, the XCP protected discs were deployed by Sony BMG—the joint venture formed when Sony purchased a stake in Bertelsmann Music Group. So much of the brouhaha has actually been around labels that BMG brought to the party. But Sony has its own set of labels, including big ones like Columbia and Epic, as well as smaller labels distributed through Sony like ATO (home of My Morning Jacket and Mike Doughty). And those releases have a different DRM scheme—the Suncomm scheme I wrote about a few days ago. […]

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