Life without the majors

In the comments, Martin points to a post on his blog about life beyond the major labels. Good advice. My own flavor would include DRM-free MP3s from indie and small labels at Emusic, KEXP online (and podcasted!), the Audiofile blog at Salon, the guys at 3Hive and Funky 16 Corners. Trading music with friends is good too, but it’s better when there’s some value add from your friend in the form of a mix.

In fact, that’s the common thread through all Martin’s suggestions—the value added by working through people to get exposed to music, rather than just pursuing the product of the majors.

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  1. Trance Fury Says:

    We are a Independent net station playing some commercial artists as well but I am happy to see this is going on. I’ve always felt independent routes are they way to go and I hope to see it pick up. More freedom, and more creativity. You don’t need a major company to release your music. Check out our station for some of the best indy trance, dance, and chill!

  2. Joe Says:

    I’ve avoided the idea of downloading music simply because my tech work exposes me to hour and hours of screen time. I preferred BAM music because it wasn’t in front of the computer. So far, I’ve been paying for my music. From now on… can’t make any promises. Too, I always thought I was avoiding viruses by buying my music, but now, if I’ve got (or will have) an equally likely chance of getting infected by buying or burning, then why would I go out to the store? The funny thing is I also love the Sony MP3 players. I’ve bought three as gifts, etc. Now, I’m totally on the Boycott Sony bandwagon. This is going way too far & enough is enough. Running out of cliches…

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