Pledge: only buy DRM Free CDs

When BoingBoing talks, apparently people listen. The Boycott DRM pledge at PledgeBank, which asks signers to boycott all CDs containing digital rights management, blew through its signatory goals after BoingBoing linked it yesterday. According to their signup rate graph, they got 1700 or so signatures yesterday.

I think that this is the next logical step from boycotting Sony BMG for their actions. Please consider checking it out.

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  1. Catalina Says:


  2. TechSY730 Says:

    A agree. We need to start boycotting DRM in general. If we just keep harping over Sony, and ignore the other companies, those other companies are going to get involved with DRM.

  3. Airin Says:

    I am buying NO cd’s that have this stupid EMI thing protecting the disks. I thought when you purchased a cd you also are purchasing rites to it. Rites to copy, to file share, to blah de blah. I mean c’mon at least let us put them on our IPODS or something… Stupid EMI jerks…You guys suck

  4. Celine Says:

    Here’s why DRM doesn’t work.

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