Legal roundup: Canadian lawsuit drops; blogger sues Sony

As one set of class action suits winds down in the US, another set opens up in Canada. Boing Boing pointed last night to class action suits filed against Sony in Ontario and British Columbia, following a class action that I missed that was filed in November in Quebec.

Scanning the briefs, it looks as though both class actions focus on XCP. Both the Ontario brief and the BC brief mention MediaMax but focus on XCP; First4Internet is a co-defendant but SunnComm is not. (In fact, it’s a little unclear to me from the brief whether customers who bought MediaMax-protected disks in Ontario or BC are included in the class.)

And in a real instance of putting one’s money where one’s mouth is, legal blogger Mark Lyon, a law student, is opting out of the class action settlement and filing his own small claims suit against Sony BMG. (Thanks again to BoingBoing.) Considering the limited remedies provided by the settlement, which include no redress for damages caused to the computer by the installation of XCP or MediaMax, it might be worthwhile to follow Mark into small claims court.

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