Sony BMG gets another Texas-sized Christmas gift

Yahoo! Finance: Texas Expands Lawsuit Against Sony BMG. This is the sound of another shoe dropping, from what at this point appears to be a herd of well shod lawyers. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has decided, along with suits filed in Oklahoma, the District of Columbia, and California (the latter by the EFF), that Sony BMG’s other DRM scheme, MediaMax, also violates Texas’s anti-spyware and deceptive trade practices laws.

Sony BMG says that because they have provided a software update to address the problem, that they have “completely addressed” Abbott’s concerns. It is not clear what remedy they intend to provide customers who declined to accept the installation but got the MediaMax software installed anyway.

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  1. ali Says:

    Thanks to your efforts, Sony set a record sale this season!!!

  2. Saskboy Says:

    A store in my city is still selling a Ricky Martin Life CD with XCP listed on the back of it. I told them about the recall, and they didn’t seem to care.

    I also saw some Sunncomm MediaMax crap CDs on the shelves with no extra warnings of course too.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Welcome to Saskatchewan Justice
    Consumer Protection Branch.

    Bienvenue à la Justice de Sasketchewan…?

  4. Andy d'E Says:

    I can’t believe the crap one has to go through to listen to music these days. I was given the Santana disc for Christmas and it burned the copy protect crap on my computer. I can’t play the cd on my computer and can’t rip it to mp3, or at least I don’t know how. Fuck Sony and whoever else is at fault here.

  5. byb3 Says:

    Exactly! It’s easier to download a track using your favourite P2P software or to buy one from your ‘market stall’ than to buy the legit product itself.

    So you ask yourself, what is the point in buying legit? There isn’t one.

    I recently bought a Sony dvd recorder, which refused to record off my freeview box. I took it back and got a Panasonic recorder which works fine. Another example of Sony making like harder than it should be.

  6. Monkey Says:

    Anyone in the UK having trouble returning goods they don’t like because they have ridiculous copy protection on, should consider getting in touch with these guys:

    Don’t buy any products from SONY or any other companies that think like SONY - it’s the only way we’re going to stop companies like this from implementing over-the-top DRM.

  7. Mike Says:

    “It appears that Sony BMG Music Entertainment has agreed to a settlement that would end a nationwide class-action lawsuit …”

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