Get rid of XCP rootkit through Windows Update

According to Betanews, the newest release of the Malicious Software Removal Tool from Microsoft, which is available through Windows Update, removes the XCP rootkit and the vulnerable ActiveX control from the XCP uninstaller. Microsoft still hasn’t stepped up to the plate to uninstall all of XCP, though; you still have to go to Sony BMG for that. Interesting point in the article about how the lifespan of a DRMed CD is much longer than the lifespan of a particular Windows release, and how that almost certainly dooms the disc to unusability in the future.

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  1. Finland man Says:

    This year, though, there’s little Christmas cheer to go around. During the crucial Thanksgiving week, for instance, the top 10 albums sold 40% fewer copies than the top 10 albums the same week in 2004.

    In Finland music sales ( singles ) seems to be down 48% from last years november

  2. Saskboy Says:

    Cue the music industry linking the declining sales to P2P downloading instead of iTunes and their crappy DRM infected CDs that people are rightfully scared of.

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